Are You Wanting To Learn How To Iron A Dress Shirt?

If you are looking up how to iron a dress shirt, it could be that this is your first time. Or, it could be that it didn’t work out so good this last time you tried to do the ironing. No matter the case, it’s time to learn more about how to iron, and it first begins with the iron you’re using. Do you have a good one? If not, then you have to get a good iron first for sure. Have you heard much about the newer steam irons?

When you are going to begin ironing a shirt, it needs to be at your waist level on the ironing board. As you finish ironing an item, you also need to realize that it needs to be hung up right away. If you don’t do that, then your dress shirts aren’t going to stay as nice as when you finished ironing them. If you are going to be ironing your dress shirts, you want to do several at a time so you can cut down on the time spent setting up to iron on multiple occasions.

Plan on ironing once a week, and so you would hang up each shirt when done. You should also be using hand towels, and the buttons of the shirt should be undone.
The sleeves have to be outstretched as well, and do you know how to position the shirt and iron it in sections? You also need to consider using starch if you want those shirts to be extra crisp.

After you have ironed all of one side, including the cuffs, you’re going to do the other side of the shirt. It can take some practice in placement so that ironing each side doesn’t crease the other. You will get the hang of it for sure.

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